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Where We Started & Where We Stand

We started out three partners in Benjamin’s living room. We had two visions: to create a new workplace and enter a new marketplace.

When we grew to five people, we joined the North Alliance and got a small back room on the first floor of Adelgade 12. This was the building, where the Danish family of agencies and consultancies resided, and we loved it. When we were seven people, we were too big for the back room, so we took over the table tennis room. Quite the feat.

Today, only two years later, we’re forty people and counting. We now occupy hundreds of square meters on the fifth and sixth floor, which we’ve furnished with natural wood tables and bookshelves, curated art from young artists, and lots of lush plants and flowers. From our rooftop terrace, we have a panorama view of Copenhagen, wherefrom we scout the land for new opportunities. And who knows, in two more years, we might be too big for even this setting.

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The brain of a start-up & the brawn of a corporation

“In NoA Connect, there’s this amazing feeling that we are on a shared mission to change the nature of work and work out the nature of this new market. The office buzzes with entrepreneurial energy. Everyone contributes to the growth of our company, colleagues, and clients. At the same time, we’re part of a larger family. NoA supplies us with plenty of clients, capital, and collaborations to fuel our growth and realise our goals.”



Reworking the workspace

“Our office is a place of fun and focus. Peace and pace. The crooks and crannies give rise to chance meetings and spontaneous collaborations. And of course, there are spaces, where you can immerse yourself in your work. And deliver excellence. Every quarter, we change seatings, so everyone mixes and mingles with other consultants and specialists. This change ensures that we make new connections across our services and crafts. And it also strengthens this strange sense that all we have. That NoA Connect is a being that lives and breathes. An organism that evolves with its people. And for its people.”




Workspace on wings

We’re a member of a successful family

The North Alliance (NoA) is a family of the leading Nordic agencies and consultancies. Our ambition is to gather the best of the best people within their individual fields and give them the opportunity to collaborate.

As a customer of one business you have access to all of the competences in NoA through your key account manager. This is of critical importance to you as a customer.

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“The atmosphere in our office is very homely – the feeling you get when you combine great people, good coffee and fantastic art. You should stop by if you are around.”


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