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How do you connect your people, processes and platforms to keep up the pace? Learn about NoA Connect services.

Connect your business

Do you want to shape your own missions and make decisions? Learn about NoA Connect’s unique collective.

Connect with the collective

Meet the people you’ll be working with at NoA

”There is a special vibe at NoA Connect, because we were founded on the principle of freedom. We don’t have fixed structures or fixed processes and rules, which is the case at a lot of other workplaces.”

Christian Møller Sloth, Partner

Reworking the workplace (Danish)

The market leader in strategy

NoA Connect is a leading data-driven marketing consultancy. We call some of the best consultants and specialists in the Nordics our colleagues. We work with clients that range from global corporations to fast-moving scale-ups, in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, finance, consumer goods, shipping, software, and retail.

Our clients praise our pragmatic approach. We make small changes that connect their people, process, platforms, and partners. In just a few months, we bring about faster and better ways of working, so our clients keep up with customers and technologies. Marketing heads think we make a strategic impact on businesses, so they chose NoA Connect as the market leader in strategy in 2021.

“We are trying to create a workplace where we would have liked to work when we were younger, where we are happy to work now and where we will be happy at in 10 years.”

Benjamin Borch
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