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SEO at Noa Connect

Noa Connect Denmark is, amongst other things, a SEO agency. However, it approaches SEO services and consulting differently than most in market. We are several people in the media team that get excited about search engine algorithms and love a challenge.

Therefore, if you are looking for someone to implement the basics, then NoA probably isn’t the right fit. We are very relevant when considering the following:

  1. Critical thinking & problem solving/Opportunity leveraging
  2. SEO hands on education & training for you and your team in house
  3. Consulting on your SEO setup based on a proprietary predictive model
  4. Providing (and implementing) SEO content at scale

Critical thinking

It sounds obvious and relatively straightforward, but what we mean by the term is to challenge the provided problem statement. Oftentimes, a different (underlying) problem is the true culprit to tackle. Everyone wants to be position 1 on Google through SEO. But that in itself isn’t a problem, it’s a result.

We rather spend some time zooming out, slowing down & enabling you to succeed in SEO once our project has come to a end. Which brings us to our second point.

SEO hands on training

Instead of delivering on a handful of SEO deliverables weekly, monthly and eventually annually, we work to make ourselves redundant in your particular challenge.

In practice, this means oftentimes aiding in training or hiring of digital marketers able of continuing the work, processes and insights delivered by us. Sooner or later, this means NoA Connect becomes redundant to your business, or at least your particular challenge. At this point, we call it a win.

To derive at that stage, we sit with your relevant team(s) physically and build processes, help getting used to tools & provide the required SEO insights to remain competitive. All at a pre-approved timeline so you know when you can expect to be completely independent.

SEO consulting

Most agencies have access to the same SEO tools which will provide you current performance, without the understanding of how you have gotten there or what is needed to improve.

With nothing than general best practices at hand, you will likely waste a good amount of time on trial and error before you improve a subset of your total website. But what if it could be easier?

At Noa Connect Denmark, a predictive SEO model forms the basis of any SEO consultancy done. In summary, it aids in focusing on the right actions that will have the highest impact with a certainty of 95% to beat the competitors.

We run this kind of analysis on existing brands to improve their current organic presence as well as complete new brands to form a a strong foothold in their industry.

The bigger the scale, the more useful this model becomes as it’s results will exponentially save time and guarantee performance.


Compared to traditional marketing agencies, our work is smallest on actual implementation. To re-iterate, we enabling your employees to shine through education & guidance through predictions. Implementation than naturally lies with your company.

However, we do have the ability to generate content at scale which will follow our the models recommendations on SEO of course. So when it suits, this can be a supported task following the recommendations we have made.

In short

Although NoA Connect is classified as a SEO agency that does consulting & provides services in that discipline, it’s meant for those who require education, a advanced setup or highly targeted actions to stay on top.

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