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How we make your marketing engine

“We make your marketing engine from marketing technologies. We choose and connect these, based on what you need to achieve. And which technologies best fit your organisation. When it runs, the marketing engine handles tasks for you. And it decides which messages to send to whom. And when. How these decisions are made is key. That’s where John and our data scientists come in to play.”

Senior Consultant, Data & Technology


Rune Andersen

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How the marketing engine decides & learns

“We create the mind of your marketing engine. And we create it with algorithms. They solve problems and make decisions for you. Every decision they make boosts their brain power. With the mind in place, your marketing engine will learn. And it’s a good student. Over time, it will know your customers better than any human would ever do. Including your rivals.”

Senior Consultant, Data & Technology


What we do

We analyse the needs and capabilities of your organisation and the state of your data infrastructure.

We choose the marketing technologies, clean and prepare your data, and create your marketing engine.

We connect your marketing technologies with the data infrastructure and configure your marketing engine, so it handles tasks for you.

We create the mind of your marketing engine, so it learns and makes smart decisions for you.

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