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From strategic choices to small changes

You probably get why you have to change your marketing organisation. You get that you have to keep up with the new technologies and expectations to stay ahead of the game. But you may be less sure how you get from where you are to where you want be.

“In all modesty, that’s what we excel at,” Jesper, Partner in NoA Connect, says. “We take you from where you are to where you want to be. To do so, we turn your strategic choices into small changes. And we connect these small changes to your people, processes, platforms, and partners. So you keep up with customers and technologies. And stay ahead of the game.”


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Where you are & where you want to be

The transition from where you are to where you want to be requires small changes in your marketing organisation.

“As Jesper said, we help you define and map the small changes with the biggest impact. We put them in the right order. And with you we define the end point. You’ll see how you go from your current state, to a transition state, onto a future state. Within a few months, you’re where you want be. Then we set out for a new end point. Because change is constant. You have to keep moving with the market.”


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To insource or not to insource

“Many clients ask us, whether they should insource their media operations. But that’s the wrong question to ask. The right question to ask is how you put the right people, process, platforms, and partners in place. And in synch. It comes down to your marketing operating model. Which includes your media operations. You may outsource some processes to partners. And you may insource some processes to your people. We custom-make your marketing operating model, so it fits your strategic choices, skills, and goals. With the custom model in place, you avoid costs. You increase speed. And you grow your business. So how you organise your marketing for the new age that’s the right question to ask.”



What we do

We get your stakeholders together. Our consultants diagnose the problems and define the as-is state (where you are) and the to-be scenario (where you want to be). We assemble a team of specialists and consultants that match the diagnosis.

We analyse the connections and disconnections in your people, processes, platforms, and partners. We define which small changes will put them in place. And in synch.

We make the small changes. We engage your stakeholders and make them aware of the small changes. We train your people, so they are able to make the changes. And we reinforce the changes, so they stick. And we assess the new state of your organisation.

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