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Our team

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Andreas Palme Hammershøy

Senior Consultant

Anja 1 scaled

Anja Krognos

Principal Consultant

Anne 4

Anne Hinrichsen


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Anthony Avolio

Lead Consultant

Profil WEB NOC1800 Benjamin scaled

Benjamin Borch

Partner & CEO

Camille 4 scaled

Camille Moulinou

Data Engineer

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Cecilie Theut

Senior Consultant

Knudsen 3 scaled

Christian Anker Knudsen

Principal Consultant

Sloth 4 scaled

Christian Møller Sloth


Tommerup 2 scaled

Christian Tommerup

Lead Consultant

Screen Shot 2022 03 02 at 10.55.32

Emil Rasborg Paulsen

Senior Consultant

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Fabrizio Bianchi

Senior Consultant

Jesper 5 scaled

Jesper Wolff


Johannes 3 scaled

Johannes Bratbjerg

Commercial Lead

John 3 scaled

John Westberg

Senior Data Science Consultant

Jonas 4 scaled

Jonas Sommer

Principal Consultant

Martin 3 scaled

Martin Myrrhøj Olesen

Senior Consultant

Screen Shot 2022 03 30 at 16.32.01

Marton Kovacs

Lead Consultant

Screen Shot 2022 03 02 at 10.54.33

Sebastian Mollerup


Sidsel 3 scaled

Sidsel Ricther Hansen

Senior Consultant

Sofia 6 scaled

Sofia Andreasen


Steffen 16 scaled

Steffen Skovhede

Senior Consultant

Screen Shot 2022 03 30 at 16.33.03

Mathias Veje Stuhaug

Lead Consultant

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Matt Hoban

Principal Consultant

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Michael Madsen

Talent Acquisition Manager

Mikkel 4 scaled

Mikkel Sørensen

Senior Data Science Consultant

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Rune Andersen

Senior Consultant

Christine 2

Christine Biehl Rotheisen

Senior Consultant

Mathias 3

Mathias Grell Rosenkrands

Senior Consultant

Robbin 4

Robbin Wolfs

SEO Consultant

Morten 5

Morten Elmue Gregersen

Associate Consultant

Screen Shot 2022 09 07 at 12.59.49

Markus Bremar Pettersen

Junior Associate Consultant

Helene 2

Helene Sarkel

Client Operations Director

Thomas 1

Thomas Koch

Senior Consultant

Morten Christensen 1

Morten Grimmig Christensen


Sarah Final

Sarah Kelleher-Probst

Senior Consultant

Alva 1

Alva Dinesen Salling

Office Manager

Placeholder NoAConnect

Henrik Mortensen

Principal Architect

The full team at Noa Connect

As it stands we are about 40+ people strong working for Danish brands small and large. Although everyone has their personal motivations, we all share the need to deliver the right solution.

Our backgrounds vary widely with some of us starting out as athletes whilst others have been seasoned marketers yet we find common group by nerding out on automation, change management and problem statements.

Individual critical thinking processes allow us to continuously improve our clients as well as ourselves. Have a look at each employee profile and feel free to reach out. It’s free!

Who works at Noa Connect?
On this page you can find all current employed people at NoA Connect.

Who owns Noa Connect?
Collectively, 170 colleagues across all NoA agencies own 51% and the remainder is owned by Norvestor.

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