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Google Analytics 4 Training Program is live

by Robbin Wolfs

Since the beta of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in 2019, web marketers had no way of familiarizing themselves with the latest changes, other than trying out GA4 themselves. Until now as interested marketers can follow the official training program with certification at Skillshop. A great opportunity to receive recognition for your hard work and flash that shiny digital badge. We know we will!

The content to explore and master

In the new course setup, as of 17th of August 2022, you can find 5 different steps to mastery. In the below images, each is displayed with a brief summary of the content, expected time to completion & difficulty level:

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - 5 steps to certification

1. Discover the Next Generation of Google Analytics

In this module, you are slowly introduced to Google analytics advancement over time and what is new when starting with GA4.

2. Use Google Analytics to Meet Your Business Objectives

Now that you know the basics of Google Analytics 4, the second module ties this into your business setup and goals.

3. Measure Your Marketing with Google Analytics

Once you have identified your business objectives, this section will emphasize how GA4 can be used to gather the insights that help reach your marketing objectives.

4. Go Further with Your Google Analytics Data

The next step to take is learn about data collection, combination of data sources and if enterprise analytics is a possible fit for your personal/professional situation.

5. Google Analytics Certification

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for: The final assessment. Once successfully completed, you will earn your certification for Google analytics 4 and should feel proud for doing so! Happy learning and don’t forget to have fun during the 4.5 hours course!

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