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Guaranteed SEO from concept to reality

by Robbin Wolfs

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Our take on guarantees in SEO

Setting the stage

When it comes to SEO, most will tell you it’s learning by doing. Only through trial and error will you win traffic (consistently). Noa Connect has recently changed their approach to make a bold claim: Guaranteed SEO.

The summarized benefits

Before explaining how it works, keep the following benefits in mind:

High impact certainty: SEO has traditionally been an uncertain endeavor, even if proven to be working long term.

Time & cost saving: SEO normally leads to improvements over time, yet it’s likely much time was spend on elements that were not moving the needle (as much).

Competitor insights: Instead of choosing competitors as a business, we identify your true search competitors based on the relevant keywords

Recommendations: Our work does not end at recommendations, we work together to implement the recommendations & teach your team in-house to continue. If you prefer Noa Connect to implement changes instead, we do have content & outreach capabilities available.


The status quo, or no longer?

Search engines remain a black box, and it is anyone’s guess how many variables matter, and their weight of importance. Yet, what if a group of determined minds had combined their expertise to do just that?

A near perfect guarantee on SEO

Through predictive modelling, Noa Connect is mimicking Google’s ranking algorithm to a 95% accuracy. Meaning, we know what position you will rank for, before you do so. As a result, we can recommend (and often implement) just marginally enough extra value to ensure the positions you are after.

Time becomes an ally

SEO takes time. And even if you, or us, were to get it right, competitors continue their attempts at outpacing you in the never ending race of SEO. The predictive model Noa Connect Denmark has created, can also support you here. Once you achieved your goal positions, regular remodeling will help us spot any changes implemented by competitors, even before Google adjusts for it. Allowing us to respond and keep your positions where they are.

Explained through scenario’s

Given the multiple applications of this tool. Below you can find several specific situations it would be useful.

The existing brand

Imagine you are seeing most of your online exposure in impressions, and the traffic doesn’t seem to follow. It is likely you got placed between position 6 and 99 on Google. This would allow you to be visible, but not chosen by anyone who searches for relevant keywords.

To improve in this situation, we would run our keyword model based on your current exposure & identify what the competing websites are doing overall & specifically for those keywords. What we provide to you is a shortlist of improvements which are certain to improve your optimization to above the winner of position 1. We together agree on this set of keywords beforehand ofcourse!

Afterwards, you choose to either implement at your side, or ask us to do so.

The new brand

Imagine you are starting a new brand. You have some idea on what you will offer, but not what people search for. We can come in and do this market research for you, resulting in a highly relevant keyword analysis of non-branded keywords.

Just like the previous scenario, running the predictive model would provide us with insights on what specific actions are required to become number 1. We share these actionable insights with you & decide on a timeline.

Once implemented, we run the model again to review any possible change in competitive landscape & review any inaccuracies in said implementation.

Healthy skepticism

Not fully convinced? Understandable, as we just told you we can predict Google’s algorithm and in essence, beat Google, a ginormous company. But we would love to proof our methods to you and make you an avid believer of guaranteed SEO.

Contact us and mention our predictive model for SEO, so we may agree on a trial of small scale, for proof of concept. If we do not succeed, you do not get billed. If we do, you decide the next move.

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